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9. Media outlets and advertising

Advertising is an important component of your marketing strategy.

10. Managing your finances: Budgeting

It is vital that you can understand the importance of budgeting. Without it, it could mean your business is failing without you even realising.

11. Managing your finances: Cash flow

Understanding the importance of cash flow and implementing good cash flow practice is vital to improve the longevity of your business.

12. Managing your finances: Profit and Loss

Managing your Finances: Profit and Loss. Profit & Loss and tax accounts have different rules and guidelines.

13. Managing your finances: Balance sheets

A balance sheet is vital in monitoring your businesses financial standing which can highlight issues within your business.

14. Doing business online

Taking your business online can help you reach a vast amount of people very quickly.

15. Business continuity

A Business Continuity Plan (BCM) is putting procedures in place that minimize the disruption to your business when things go wrong.

16. Succession planning

All too often succession planning is something that is not talked about, even a taboo at times.