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Bitesize Lincs: Working Well

This webinar discusses mental health & wellbeing in the workplace & the steps your business can take now & long term to create a healthy environment.

Bitesize Lincs: Business Finance during Covid-19 - What finance do you need and how can you get it?

This webinar will give a broad overview of information to help manage your cashflow and indications of how much working capital you need.

The Streets Sessions - Getting back to business podcast

Getting back to business – furlough and returning workers podcast. We consider the challenges faced by employers on opening up again.

Bitesize Lincs - Introduction to Managing Employee Performance

An introduction to managing employee performance within a business.

Bitesize Lincs - Introduction to R&D Tax Credits

An introduction to research and development tax credits.

Bitesize Lincs - 10 Top Tips for Building a Great Team

Team building that will improve business performance.

Bitesize Lincs - Changes to Data Protection Law (GDPR)

Changes to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Bitesize Lincs - Introduction to Energy Efficiency

An introduction to Environmental Energy systems (EMS).